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Glass Roof Replacement in london and the south east

Wellite Ltd in Banstead, Surrey, is highly skilled in glass roof replacement and has a wide range of knowledge of many different kinds of glass. We will always advise which type of glass is best going to suit your roof when we come out and do a survey.

Obscure Glass

This can create a degree of privacy in certain rooms such as bathrooms. We have a large range of obscure, patterned, and privacy glass in many different designs and all patterns are available in 4mm glass. These can also be toughened if required.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is usually a float glass that has had a colour tint added to it when being manufactured, these colours include bronze, green, blue or grey - this glass is used to block solar heat.

Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is a standard float glass with a solar control coating applied to it. The coating effect reflects the heat, which prevents it from entering the room.

Lower Maintenance Glass

There are two types of low-maintenance glass, these are reactive coated glass and secondary applied. Reactive glass works when reacting with UV light from the sun which breaks down organic debris and dirt. When it rains, the dirt is washed off. The secondary applied products are non-stick coatings sprayed on the glass. They do not react with UV and rain washes the dirt off.

Float Glass

Float glass is the most popular and standard glass we offer. Most glass types begin as clear float. Usually, thickness for glazing is 4mm, but 6mm and 10mm are also available.

Low Iron Glass

Similar to float glass, but instead is made from purer grade, raw materials that have less iron content in them. It has a more transparent, clearer appearance and allows a higher level of solar heat gain transmission.

Low-E Glass

This is a float glass with a coating applied to one side (the coated side goes inside the unit). Low-e is the term used to describe these coatings and they have the effect of reducing the heat transmission through the glass by reflecting it back into the room.

Type of Glazingu-Value (W/m2K)
Double 6mm air cavity3.2
Double 12mm air cavity2.8
Double 16mm air cavity2.65
Double 20mm air cavity2.7
Double 12mm argon cavity2.6
Double low E glass 12mm air cavity1.9
Triple 12mm air cavities1.85
Triple low E glass 2mm air cavities1.15

Triple low E glass 12mm argon cavities


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